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Buriti Oil


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  • Buriti Oil

    Botanical Name: Mauritia Vinifera
    Appearance: Liquid
    Aroma: Distinctive

    The Plant

    Buriti Oil comes from the nut-like seeds of the fruit of the moriche palm tree. The tree grows predominantly near swamps and in the northeastern and central south areas of Brazil in the Amazonian rainforest. It also grows in Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, and Guyana.  

    The tree has been called the “Tree of Life,” not only because it offers so many valuable health benefits but also because it is an important food source for human and animal life and helps maintain the health and balance of its surrounding ecosystem

    The Oil

    The Oil is a cold expeller pressed from the fruit’s nut-like seeds, has a deep reddish brown color, and is covered by brightly coated scales. Both the yellow pulp and nut-like seeds are edible and highly nutritious. The tree fruits from December to June are made into jams, juices, snacks, and fermented drinks.

    For centuries the native communities have been using Buriti oil topically and internally. When applied to the skin, the Oil has been found to be a natural sunscreen and wound healer while promoting skin tissue repair from sun damage, insect bites, and injuries. 

    The Oil is very rich in a unique combination of antioxidants and trace vitamins and is one of the highest sources of natural beta-carotene.

    Benefits of Buriti Oil for Skin Care
    • ​​​​Deeply restorative for damaged skin
    • Protects the skin from free radicals and UV Rays
    • Supports the skin’s ability to regenerate
    • Promotes a youthful glow
    • Powerful anti-inflammatory
    • Nourishes weak and sensitive skin
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    Benefits of Buriti Oil for Hair Care
    • Protects hair from sun damage and environmental stressors
    • Nourishes weak hair
    • Increases natural shine
    • Supports a healthy and balanced scalp
  • How to use Buriti Oil: 
    1. Add 1 drop of Buriti Oil to your current face cream, Oil, or serum to hydrate and increase your natural glow.
    2. Add ½ to 1 tsp buriti oil! Tbsp body cream or body oil.
    3. Add to your sunscreen to help protect your skin and for tanning.
    4. For softener and more nourished hair, add between ½ tsp to 1 Tsp of Buriti Oil to your hair mask and leave it in for at least 30 minutes and then wash out.
    When formulating your own skincare products, we recommend using Buriti Oil at the following
    • For use in hair products, like shampoos, conditions, masks, and creams, use between 0.5 - 2%
    • For anti-aging creams and lotions, body butter, balms, and salves, use between 0.5 - 5%.
    Since Buriti Oil has such a high percentage of beta carotene, which makes the Oil a deep orange color, make sure to always blend Buriti oil with other carriers to avoid staining skin and clothing.
    Buriti Oil supports a Healthy Scalp

    Because of its high concentration of antioxidants, it can help keep the skin of the scalp free from infection and protect against microbes by encouraging healthy oil balance to the hair follicles, which in turn supports the growth of stronger and shinier hair and protects against UV rays damage.

    Buriti Oil hydrates and nourishes hair to improve the appearance

    Our hair is constantly bombarded by extreme climate changes, numerous hair products, and heated tools like hair dryers, irons, and straighteners. And this damages and weakens our hair causing it to look dull and dry. Adding a tiny bit of Buriti oil into your conditioner and combing through your hair, you can replenish hydration and add a layer of protection against environmental stressors, leaving your hair looking healthier and shinier.

    Buriti Oil offers Skin a Youthful Glow

    The high concentration of beta carotene present in Buriti Oil is known to support the skin’s natural ability to regenerate and heal – especially in the deeper layers of our skin, where we find the components that are responsible for our skin’s elasticity and shape. Buriti Oil encourages skin cell regeneration, soothes inflammation, and can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Buriti Oil promotes skin resiliency and immunity

    The unique combination of essential fatty acids, like Oleic and Linoleic, helps to fortify our skin against the constant assault of pathogens our skin battles daily. These unique protective properties help to keep us looking and feeling healthier and more vibrant.

  • The Chemistry of the Oil

    The Oil’s rich, deep orange color tells us it has a noticeably high concentration of beta carotene (30 mg/100 gr pulp). In fact, it is considered the richest natural source of this powerfully therapeutic component, surpassing carrots by 5 times! (6.6 mg/100 gr of pulp). In buriti oil, the concentration is much higher and can reach up to 118 milligrams/100 gr of Oil.

    Buriti oil is also very rich in oleic acid (72.5%), a type of unsaturated mono-fatty acid very present in olive Oil, which is why it’s also recommended for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

    Beta carotene is one of the most powerful antioxidants, known for its excellent ability to renew cells. It works as an excellent natural exfoliator. Other active compounds include tocopherols 149mg/100g, phytosterols 70mg/100g, phenolic compounds, and mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

    Here are a few of the Essential Fatty Acids that we can find in Buriti Oil: