We celebrate the beauty of our skin 
 and offer natural ways to make it look 
 and feel its healthiest.

Alessandra Engel

Alessandra Engel was inspired to start The Glohaus because she wants to create a community around the beauty and power of plants - and how their extracts can not only enrich the wellbeing of our lives, but also provide economic opportunities for those communities that have been traditionally extracting these plant materials for generations. 
In 2018 she met Rita Teixeira, a woman from Para/ Brazil, the largest northern state that borders the Amazonian Jungle. It was during that first initial meeting that Alessandra had the idea to work with Rita to support her work. This particular region is known as one of the largest resources of cacao, coconut, cassava and other natural plant materials in Brazil. 
Rita’s story deeply impacted Alessandra; Rita is known as a leader in her region for the past 20 years. During this time, she has been working with Mmnepa, an association that helps to empower local women who have been victims of domestic abuse, by giving them the skills to extract plant materials so hat they can become economically empowered to improve their lives and the lives of their children. 
Through all sorts of community services provided by Rita, with Mmnepa’s help, which include personal development and financial independence, Rita has been recognized as a powerful change maker and celebrated for her work, which she calls: “Extractivism” - Activism through plant extraction.

What we believe What we use and what we won’t

Less is More 
Simple is better - and it can help us live healthier and happier lives. When we strip away what we don't need, we can focus on what is meaningful. We want others to reduce their impact on the environment, by using skincare products that are multi-use and don't need a lot of processing. 

Embody Your Essence 
The beauty of our skin reflects the health and wellbeing of our emotions and our spirits. We nurture a holistic approach to skincare that integrates the balance of mind-body and spirit. 

Transcend Your Nature with the Power of Plants
Every plant has the potential to offer remarkable healing benefits. And every seed from every plant contains special compounds that when they are carefully extracted can offer transforming benefits for our skin and hair. 

The Beauty of the Skin 
Our skin holds the secrets to our wellbeing. We believe that mindful attention to caring for it, while celebrating its dynamic beauty and power, we can live healthier and more conscious lives. 

What we use: 
100% pure plant oils. That is our promise, and that is what we celebrate, advocate and educate others about. Plant oils contribute an outstanding array of benefits to our skin and we chose to use only those ingredients that are plant derived and minimally processed. 
We only seek simple, clean formulations that aren’t weighed down with unnecessary, or inactive, ingredients. Every ingredient we select not only has healing benefits but also meaning that goes beyond the surface of the skin. 
We are personally connected to the people, the community and facilities that harvest and extract our ingredients, and we can proudly trace the journey of each seed to every bottle of oil that we sell.
What we won’t use: 
We won’t ever use ingredients derived from petrochemicals, or ingredients that contain residues or contaminants that are concerning to the environment and our health.