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  • Acai Berry Oil

    Botanical Name: Euterpe oleracea
    Appearance: Liquid
    Color: Deep Green Opaque
    Aroma: Herbaceous

    The Plant

    The Acai Berry comes from the Acai Palm tree that is indigenous to the Amazon region, specifically the state of Para in Brazil, and found in the tropical areas of Central and South America. The berry has been cherished as a highly nutritious dietary staple of the native tribes of the region for centuries and used as folk medicine to heal a wide variety of ailments. Today it is valued as a power-packed superfood, and the demand for its powerful health benefits due to its unique presentation of phytochemicals has increased exponentially in recent years. Brazil is the largest producer of Acai, and in 2019, the country produced more than 1.2 million tons.

    The Oil

    Acai Oil is extracted from the berry’s seeds via cold expeller pressing. The oil is slightly viscous and deep green in color. It is made up of a complex mix of essential fatty acids, polyphenols and trace amounts of vitamins A and C, and trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, along with different phytosterols, which indicate the oil has many therapeutic benefits for overall health and wellbeing, especially the skin.

    Benefits of Acai Oil for Skin Care
    • ​​High in polyphenols and antioxidants that can repair damaged skin
    • Protects the skin from free radicals and UV Rays
    • Powerful anti-inflammatory
    • Nourishes weak and sensitive skin
    • Support cell regeneration
    Benefits of Acai Oil for Hair Care
    • Protects hair from sun damage and environmental stressors
    • Nourishes weak hair
    • Increases natural shine
    • Supports a healthy and balanced scalp
  • How to use Acai Oil: 
    1. To lock in moisture and increase the skin’s vibrancy, apply pure unblended Acai Oil directly to cleansed, damp skin; suitable for both face and body.
    2. Add approximately 5 drops of pure Acai Oil to your current face and body products, like face and body oils, creams and lotions, serums, or make-up foundation to increase skin’s glow, and provide deeper nourishment. Mix well, and apply as usual.
    When formulating your own skincare products, we recommend using Acai Oil at the following percentages for use in different applications:
    • For anti-aging creams and lotions (emulsions), use between 10-60%
    • For use in hair products, like shampoos, conditions, masks, and creams, use between 10-60%
    • For use in body moisturizing creams, lotions, body butter, balms, and salves, use between 10-60%.
    Acai Oil supports a Healthy Scalp

    Because of its soothing and protective properties for the skin, it offers the scalp protection against microbes and environmental damage, like pollution. Since it is so rich in antioxidants, it is incredibly nourishing for dry, itchy scalps and weak, dull hair.

    Acai Oil hydrates and nourishes hair to improve the appearance

    Our hair is constantly bombarded by extreme climate changes, numerous hair products, and heated tools like hair dryers, irons, and straighteners. This constant onslaught damages and weakens our hair causing it to look dull and dry. By brushing Açaí Oil through dry, brittle hair, you can replenish hydration that will leave your hair looking healthier and shinier. It’s incredibly nourishing for curly, dry hair that needs taming and smoothing.

    Acai Oil offers Skin a Youthful Glow

    Due to high percentages of Oleic and Palmitic Acids, Açaí oil is a powerful antioxidant, providing protection against oxidative stress from environmental stressors. It has been known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness and discoloration. It offers a vibrancy resulting in a more youthful appearance.

    Acai Oil promotes skin resiliency and immunity

    Açaí Oil can fortify us against the constant assault of pathogens our skin battles daily. It’s been known for tonifying weakened skin and making it appear more youthful.

    Acai Oil promotes clear and healthy skin

    Acai oil is a potent anti-inflammatory known to quickly re-balance, brighten, and ease irritation, discomfort, and swelling.

  • The Chemistry of the Oil

    Here are a few of the Essential Acids that we can find in Acai oil:

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