Essential Oils and lipid oils perfect combination for SkinCare

Essential Oils and lipid oils perfect combination for SkinCare

Essential oils and Beauty are meant for each other.  When we think of what it means to feel beautiful, to have beautiful skin, to radiate beauty - essential oils are the centerpiece that brings it all together. Their dynamic and nuanced composition of molecules, combined with the beauty and emotional resonance of their aromas - connects us to what true beauty really means.

It’s not easy to formulate essential oils into facial products; You want to make sure it’s both effective and smells incredible - simultaneously. The tricky part is crafting the  scent to be subtle, yet transporting and resonate - guiding us to connect more deeply the power of their aromatic beauty.  

Consistent use of essential oils that are formulated at the right dilution for use on your face can provide healing to all sorts of odd scars, marks and discolorations. They can also greatly improve the skin’s overall health and appearance. Not to mention, the enormous benefit of how their aromas can nurture your soul, soothed your anxiety, raise your awareness -- and make you feel beautiful. 

A great natural facial care product needs to nourish us in 3 ways: physically, emotionally and psycho-spiritually.  Applying a beauty product to our faces is a deeply personal experience, and can help us be more present, foster self reflection and confidence, and just make us feel really good.  And we definitely need more of that! 

One of the most effective and safe ways to deliver the unique power of essential oils to our facial care routine, is by pairing and blending them with lipid rich oils that support and enhance the aromatherapeutic properties and actions of the essential oils used in the product. The Glo Haus skin oils are a perfect example of these kinds of unique lipid rich oils.  

To get more specific, the lipid rich oils we are talking about are the fatty (lipid) extracts that are cold expeller pressed from the seeds of these native Brazilian plants.

Here are three of our favorite Brazilian plant oils that are deeply nourishing to the skin, and help strengthen our skin barrier, to protecdt against free radical damages, and support our skin’s natural ability to regenerate and heal.

Pracaxi Oil has been shown to support the skin by soothing inflammation, and working to provide the kind of nutrients that can promote skin elasticity and vibrancy.  Plus it feels light and soft, and leaves the skin feeling smoother and more vibrant.

Buriti Oil is a deep orange color and has a very high percentage of beta carotene, a component recognized for its powerful ability to heal and fortify damaged skin, clear away uneven skin tone and brighten dull sluggish skin.

Pequi Oil like Buriti contains beta carotene, but not at such a high percentage, so the chance of it staining the skin is minimal. It is also skin healing and fortfitying, and can deeply nourish dry sundamaged skin, while encouraging our skin to keep balanced and clear.

Our skin has a real love affair with oil.  Without getting too technical, our skin is made up of cells that actually need and feed on oils to stay healthy and in balance.  Meaning, by regular and consistent application of these lipid rich oils directly to our skin, we can actually improve our skin’s function, which includes strengthening our skin barrier function, improving its immunity, tone and resiliency, promoting cellular growth and renewal - which all contribute to a glowing and healthy appearance.

Essential oils love lipid rich plant oils - they not only dissolve easily when blended with them, but they also work synergistically together to deliver a truly holistic approach to nourishing and fortifying the skin; The plant oils literally “carry” the essential oils into the skin safely while simultaneously supporting and enhancing the aroma-therapeutic intentions, properties of the essential oils.  It’s a beautiful and very effective partnership. 

To truly reap the benefits of applying these potent plant oils to our skin, we recommend adding a few essential oils to uplevel their effects.

So here are a few tips and suggestions about using essential oils and lipid rich oils on your face - to create your own beauty ritual and nourish your skin and soul - and protect against irritation.

  • Try cleansing your face with oil, rather than soap, and take note of how gently the oils lift away dirt and grime, without stripping your skin - but by keeping it nourished and soft. You can add 2 drops of Lavender Oil to 1 tsp of oil.
  • Use floral waters to tone and soothe sensitivity. After cleansing and patting dry your face, try misting with aromatic waters, or hydrosols, the beautiful fragrant  by products of the steam distillation process. They feel light, clean and impart nuanced aromas that immediately calm both the mind and the skin.
  • After cleansing and toning, feed the skin a deeply nutritive facial oil, that offers a rich array of essential fatty acids known to calm and reduce sensitivity, fortify the skins’ resiliency, and nourish and repair stressed and weakened cells. We recommend blending ½ tsp of Pequi Oil and ½ tsp of Pracaxi Oil for as a deeply nourishing and reparative facial oil, that leaves the skin feeling light, and soft.
  • If you add 1 -2 drops of an essential oils, like Lavender or Sandalwood, pay attention to scent, and the essential oils and how well they partner and align with the plant oils - and how the scent makes you feel.

Our skin is a reflection of who we are and how we feel, it’s deeply integrated into our nervous system, our hormones and our immunity.  When we feel stressed, or dulled down by our emotions, or a poor diet, or lack of confidence or exercise - our skin shows it. By taking care of our skin,and engaging our sense of smell - we are encouraged to live happier and healthier.

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